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Hope’s Graveyard Rolls Back the Clock in The Extinction Odyssey 

Laoshi’s first mission as a Jireni couldn’t be more daunting: infiltrate Havoc on the eve of a major offensive to destroy the mongrels’ command and control capabilities. It’s enough to give the seasoned veterans on the team pause, let alone a raw recruit fresh from passing his S.A.T.

Fortunately, Laoshi will be jumping and fighting alongside his best friend, Dominus. The pair have been training hard for the mission . . . so hard they can read each other’s thoughts. But neither could imagine the horrors awaiting them in Hope’s Graveyard.

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In a devastated world, a doomed boy and girl hold the key to humanity’s survival.

The Extinction Odyssey continues in Book 2! Will humanity survive?

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Coming soon. Join the Readers’ Posse to get the latest updates!

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Lightburst short stories pack a powerful punch . . . and they’re FREE!

Lightburst short stories pack a powerful punch . . . and they’re FREE!


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The earliest story I put to paper followed the adventures of the Teprac—tiny creatures that inhabited the shag carpet adorning my childhood home. (Full Disclosure: this was in the ‘70s, the halcyon heyday of all things shaggy.)

To the Teprac, each neon-yellow strand was as tall as a redwood, each errant cookie crumb as big as a boulder. Compared to my humdrum suburban existence, their world kinda-sorta blew my mind. I’m guessing I wrote the story when I was seven.

Three years after the Teprac (yes, that’s “carpet” spelled backward) plied my rec-room floor looking for cookie crumbs and trouble, George Lucas released a film that more than kinda-sorta blew my mind. Star Wars pretty much demolished it in the best sense of the word. Three years later, Carl Sagan helped me put it back together when he released Cosmos. By the age of thirteen, I was hooked on science and the fiction it spawned.

I write accessible science fiction for readers with curious minds and a taste for tension. If I’m not writing, I’m probably mangling Rory Gallagher licks on my Fender Strat or waiting for Godot. If you’d like to keep in touch—and get access to free and exclusive content—be sure to Join the Readers’ Posse before you leave!

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