Dystopian Fiction - Survival Aptitude Test: Sound (Book 1 of The Extinction Odyssey Series) by Mike Sheriff

The Extinction Odyssey Series: Books 1-3

The Cycle of Extinctions is nearly complete. Starving humans teeter at the top of the food chain. In fact, they’re the last remaining link.

But a doomed boy and girl may offer a seed of hope.

Like every 19-year-old prospect in Daqin Guojin, Daoren and Heqet must soon sit the Survival Aptitude Test. Only the smartest pass the S.A.T. The rest are harvested for grooll, the city-state’s sole food source and barter currency.

If Daoren’s intellect can outpace his anxiety, he might earn the first perfect score in history and be named ruler. Heqet knows he can’t do it without her—even if he’d be the last person to ask for help.

Together, they hold the answers to saving humanity . . . if they can stay alive.