Dystopian Fiction - Survival Aptitude Test: Sound (Book 1 of The Extinction Odyssey Series) by Mike Sheriff

A Delusional Ruler. A Dying People.

When a devastating Mongrel-Asianoid invasion sweeps through Daqin Guojin, the promise of a brighter future fades to black.

Daoren and Heqet find themselves prisoners, each separated by hundreds of miles and subject to the whims of two unpredictable enemies.

In the mongrel colony Havoc, Daoren comes face-to-face with his deepest fears and is asked to do the impossible. In Daqin Guojin, Heqet and her newborn son must navigate the landmines planted by Julinian, the impulsive lunatic who led the mongrel army into the city-state.

Both will encounter horrors they never imagined existed. Both will make discoveries that forever change their lives.

But will they gain their freedom and reunite in time to save humanity from its darkest and most destructive impulses?