Dystopian Fiction - Survival Aptitude Test: Sound (Book 1 of The Extinction Odyssey Series) by Mike Sheriff

A Devastating Invasion. A Rising Threat.

After countless perils, the denizens of Daqin Guojin can finally look to a brighter future.

Daoren has outlawed the S.A.T. and restored the rights of the oppressed undercastes. A new food source has eliminated the need for grooll, spawning renewed hope. With Heqet at his side and pregnant with his son, Daoren’s life has never been better.

But life 701 years After the Cycle of Extinctions is unpredictable.

When an old enemy invades at the head of a mongrel army and a treacherous Asianoid sparks a bloody uprising to restore the S.A.T., Daoren and Heqet find themselves trapped between two unstoppable forces.

Can they survive the latest threat to humanity’s survival—or will the Cycle of Extinctions finally reach its cruel conclusion?